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AVALA Marketing Group is Kicking Off its Non-Profit Project R.O.S.E This Holiday Season

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St. Louis, MO: This holiday season, AVALA Marketing Group is kicking off its non-profit initiative of Project R.O.S.E (Read One Story Everyday).  AVALA employees will be donating and collecting new children books to distribute to the Greater St. Louis area schools, reading clubs, kids clubs, hospitals, and more throughout the year.

Learn more about the story behind Project R.O.S.E. from Founder and CEO, Steve Pizzolato:

This is a not for profit project dedicated to my mother Rose Pizzolato who was a great influence in my life and above all, gave me the love of reading. My mother worked in our small town library for most of my youth and after school, I would walk to the library to read, do homework or just wait for her to walk or drive me home. During that time, I had the run of the library to pick out whatever book I wanted to read. Some were age appropriate, some were not but my mother encouraged reading beyond my comprehension level as to her books were a way to learn, grow beyond who you are and escape into a fantasy world. My earlier memory of an “adult book” was probably reading a book called “Or I will Dress you in Mourning” about the Spanish bullfighter El Cordobes who dedicated his life to his mother and sister and told them he would be the greatest bullfighter in Spain, or he would dress them in mourning as they buried him. I was probably 12 years old, and after thousands of books read, I still remember this one.

This project is designed to carry on the legacy of my mother by encouraging parents to read to their kids, or just encourage kids to read. It is a very simple project. If you have any old/new books, just send them my way at AVALA Marketing, C/O Steve Pizzolato, 1078 Headquarters Park, Fenton MO, 63026.

Thank you for your participation in the project that we will continue throughout 2017. If we get one more story, read to one more child, just think what impact that could have.


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