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AVALA Marketing Group Adds “HIT” Prospecting and Ratings and Reviews to Aimbase Marketing Automation

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St. Louis, MO: AVALA Marketing Group, a digital engagement and marketing technology agency, today announced the addition of HIT (Highly Interactive Targets) prospecting and ratings and reviews functionality to their proprietary marketing automation technology, Aimbase.

HIT, a feature that lives in the marketing engine of Aimbase, is a prospecting tool that gives brands additional insight into online browsing behavior. By simply uploading a prospect database of email addresses into Aimbase, brands can now track all digital interactions consumers are taking online – even if lead capture forms weren’t submitted. This functionality gives marketing teams the ability to further qualify and uncover new leads that may not be targeted in the sales pipeline.

With the addition of ratings and reviews to the customer satisfaction engine of Aimbase, brands can now request, manage and publish customer testimonials directly to their brand website or Facebook page.  The new feature will help brands use their customer data to promote positive word of mouth, while giving brand managers a platform to monitor and react to customer feedback.

“Adding these features to the Aimbase platform was an easy decision. As technology and the customer experience continues to evolve, so will the features of Aimbase,” said Steve Pizzolato, CEO of AVALA Marketing Group. He added, “Our goal is to provide our clients with strategy and technology solutions that help manage the entire customer lifecycle, from pre-purchase intent to post-sale advocacy, and Aimbase has proven to be the ultimate marketing automation platform to accelerate growth.”

Both features are now available on the Aimbase Marketing Automation platform, with more integrations and feature enhancements set to launch later this year. To learn more, schedule an Aimbase Marketing Automation demo.

About AVALA Marketing Group

AVALA Marketing Group helps brands selling high-consideration goods and services drive more revenue throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We combine data, intelligent digital strategies, and technology to increase visibility, deliver leads, close more sales, increase customer lifetime value, and maximize your marketing ROI.

Our talented team of experts use Aimbase® Marketing Automation to implement pre- and post-sale digital marketing strategies based on processes and best practices that have been refined over thousands of campaigns.