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AVALA Improves An RV Brand’s Organic Traffic With 4 Simple SEO Fixes

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A website’s content is an important factor in a strong online presence. However, your prospects need to be able to find your website first. Beyond paid media, SEO and organic lead generation is probably one of the biggest marketing investments you can make. SEO can lead consumers searching for a product on Google or Bing to stumble upon your website and result in new business for your brand.

When a popular RV brand approached AVALA and requested help implementing SEO strategies to drive more organic traffic, we addressed website pages on the RV brand’s website that already got a high volume of organic search traffic.

These pages were already getting organic search traction, but we knew that they could still be getting more. When analyzing the names and titles of the popular pages, we noted that they could be optimized with words that people search for frequently. When we changed the names of the pages and used relevant keywords into the title pages that are popular in organic searches, the webpages started getting more traffic almost immediately.

In addition to changing page names, we added popular and relevant search terms into the page copy to increase the chances of the brand’s website coming up in even more organic searches. When implementing these keyword optimization techniques, it is important to use keywords that are relevant to the content a particular search audience is interested in or the traffic will bounce and the search engines will demote your rank for that keyword.

For even more traffic, alt tags and image names were added as well as product categories whose names are popular and relevant search terms.

With about 70% of traffic for this brand coming from organic searches, SEO is clearly very important. After implementing our recommendations, this brand's number of user sessions from Google and Bing searches increased by over 55%.

What made this project so successful was our ability to step in and know which pages could get the most bang for their buck and what keywords people use in search queries to find specific types of RVs. This simple solution can be implemented for many manufacturer’s websites. By categorizing different products based on popular keywords, renaming pages, and adding more common search terms into their website, manufacturers can capitalize on a huge SEO opportunity and get more consumers stumbling across their website organically.

Do you have a website that needs search engine optimization? Contact us to see how AVALA can help you drive more traffic to your website and help you generate more leads.